Hydegate Estates landlord service levels

Dependant on how involved in the tenancy you want to be will depend on the level of service we would recommend. However as each landlord is different we are able to tailor a package to meet your individual needs.

Fully Managed 18%
Letting & rent collection 14.4%
Letting only service 12%
What's included in Fully Managed 18%:
What's included in Letting & rent collection 14.4%:
What's included in Letting only service 12%:
Fully Managed 18%
Letting & rent collection 14.4%
Letting only service 12%
Arrange to provide a quote on the rental price of the property, usually by visiting.
Promote the property in appropriate ways to find a suitable tenant for the Property.
Arrange for the legally required checking and paperwork for the property.
Arrange viewings with prospective tenants either using the keys supplied by the Landlord or in co-ordination with the current occupier
All viewings will be accompanied by Hydegate Estates unless agreed otherwise.
Take references appropriate to the circumstances of the prospective tenant.
Check the immigration status of all applicants, as appropriate, before the initial move in.
On receipt of references Hydegate Estates will set up the necessary paperwork to let the property on an appropriate tenancy or licence.
If appropriate, arrange for the initial production and subsequent agreement of an inventory and schedule of condition of the property at the move in.
Sign up the tenant and collect any money due, giving the tenant copies of appropriate paperwork.
Collect rents or others charges due from the tenant and provide monthly accounts to the Landlord. However, Hydegate Estates will not be liable for the amount of any arrears nor for any legal or other costs.
Hydegate Estates agrees that for the Letting and Rent Collection Service Hydegate Estates will accept responsibility for the ongoing Immigration Act checks that may be needed during the Term of the tenancy.
If the Landlord lives overseas, Hydegate Estates must account to HM Revenue and Customs for the rental received and this can include deducting basic rate income tax.
Arrange minor repairs, general maintenance and replacements to the property without necessarily consulting the Landlord beforehand up tto the limit agreed in writing upon giving instruction.
Make six monthly periodic visits to the property and send a report to the Landlord but such visits and reports can only be regarded as a general oversight of the property and its care by the tenant.
Recover possession of the property in accordance with instructions received but cannot be liable for any delays, damages or costs incurred because such vacant possession is not achieved within the time scale requested.